There was a man (There was a man)
His name was Russ (His name was Russ)
He had a goat (He had a goat)
That had a brush (That had a brush)

He loved that goat (He loved that goat)
Oh yes he did (Oh yes he did)
He loved that goat (He loved that goat)
Just like a kid (Just like a kid)

One day that goat (One day that goat)
Was Feelin' Fine (Was Feelin Fine)
Ate three red shirts (Ate three red shirts)
Right off the line (Right off the line)

Hi Master siezed (His master siezed)
Him by the back (Him by the back)
And tied him to (And tied him to)
A railroad track (A railroad track)

A fast Express (A fast Express)
Drew near in sight (Drew near in sight)
This goat grew pale (This goat grew pale)
And wailed with fright (And wailed with fright)
He heaved a sigh (He heaved a sigh)
As if in pain (As if in pain)
Coughed up those shirts (Coughed up those shirts)
And flagged the train! (And flagged the train!)
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Bill Grogan's Goat Lyrics

Children – Bill Grogan's Goat Lyrics