Sparkle Eyes I wish we had been friends
Back in the days when we were just small
Sparkle Eyes I wish I had known you
Before the weight of the world had set in

Sparkle eyes I wish I had been there
When you first learned to ride a bike
We could race around the block with cards in our spokes
Then play Atari downstairs and have chips and pop

Lying on the dock with you at the cottage
We hear the cry of a loon under darkening skies
As the thunder rolls in it seems the storm is upon us
And a thousand bolts of heaven flash before our eyes

Sparkle Eyes I wish you had been there
To play with me in my first synth band
With my Casiotone and your digital know-how
We'd rule the 80s and be binary stars
Sparkle Eyes I wish I could be there
To see exactly how you turn out
I'm sure the clouds will part and the dawn will shine
The sparkly-eyed boy with the analog heart
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Analog Heart Lyrics

Children Of The Cpu – Analog Heart Lyrics

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