I feel so lost for me inside,
lost am I, will it never end,
but never am I stained black
Now the end is drawing near,
my hate is growing, can't you hear,
it burns me with my cruelty

(And I'm off)

Like the fire of pain in the daylight
Full of hate, your hatred gets up doom

Hate, I can't control it anymore,
you'll see the red light more and more
Trapping you in destroying despite
by the red light in my eyes

So, better wake up, drink your blood,
follow me and be a god
Can't you fucking look into my eyes,
watch this god arise, yeah

(Come on!)

I feel the last one in this time,
lost am I, will it never end
but never am I stained black, jet black
Now walk away and flee into Hell,
Turn away and meet my eyes.
Under my, blood-red scythe!

I can feel your hate of death,
I'm running on this darkened little path
Take your time, beat me down, sometime, to die (die!)


Doesn't matter what is on the top, right, way too down below,
that's how the werewolf burns in me
Oh God, I see the light again,
I'm gonna be getting someone in my grave

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Red Light In My Eyes, Pt1 Lyrics

Children Of Bodom – Red Light In My Eyes, Pt1 Lyrics

Songwriters: ALEKSI LAIHO
Red Light In My Eyes, Pt1 lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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