[Verse 1: Childish Gambino]
When we were coming down they said it was too soon
I never had to lie no no no no
We were coming down, they left us all alone
Way to nowhere, nowhere. I know you've been around
I feel you in and out, how are you?
Do you sleep? Are you with me?
We used to be unspoken
Now everything is broken
I'm a good son
I'm a good son
You're a good son
You're a good son

Arlanda hotel to the bar
Young girl with an accent with her back bent
A** out to the whole world
We can buy it out for tonight
Stepping outside for a light
No coke, and I just smoke vapor, no papers
Slow poke and I don't know about photos
Let's go though
How old are you?
Saying that you never date older dudes
That's why I never wanna say no to you
The coldest dude to hold a grove with no kids
Can't hold his goose
I'ma walk out; wanna walk too?
What about dude?
F**k it, I just wanna feel something

[Hook: Kilo Kish]
It took my like five minutes to figure out what voices those were on the phone
But it figured it out...

Is it real, cause you're on live [x4]

I'm a freaky b***h
I'm 5 foot 8. 390
And I am a freaky b***h

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
It's a struggle just to keep breathing
Existential asthmatic, puff puff pass addict
Crafmatic, making moves but they sleeping on me
We can kick it like it's fifa, homie
Nevertheless, I got that fresh like it was Crest
Crying cause I'm stressed. Tmj or tmi, it's a lie that you're living
I never understood the hate on a nigga's preference
When every marriage is a same s** marriage
Same s** everyday, monotonous
Lost god never pray, forgotten us
Lost love, never say just like our parents
Too much power ain't enough power
Brain splattered like I've fallen off a Watchtower
Any anybody can walk into any Denny's
And wait until I'm walking in it with a gun that they 3D printed and I finish it
Kinison said if you gonna miss heaven...
Why do it by two inches?
Old money and new b*****s
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Zealots Of Stockholm Lyrics

Childish Gambino – Zealots Of Stockholm Lyrics