At a Clipper's game on the court-side
Watch a nigga' shoot like a 45
They mad at me too I got?
When these girls see you go home Roger
Tia and Tamara in my bed I'm a smart guy
I ain't fucking with you nigga's like apartheid
Hits on my list check my archive
I'm something so immaculate
Instead of asking what's happenin' rather blastin'
Jackson 5 in the back of an Acura, acting blacker
Than a Bernie Mac, some Charlie Murphys and Akon
The girls you brought here, where are they from?
Where are they from? We were playin' Playstation
Why you standin' there, say som', girl say som'
No, this ain't a vacation
This is my house, my house

All she needed was a
All she needed was a

Bought a new bat, AK nigga'
Wanna' take shots? AK bigga'
When I ball I ball King James nigga'
A gold band in my hand make change nigga'
And I'm out of this world like Kang, nigga'
That's a space ball, man I hate ya'll
You only come around when you want to play pool in my hot tub
Ice cream paintjob
In the garage, I had a menage, and murdered the vaj'
But afterwards it was awkward as fuck
Cuz' I was nervous as fuck, I could not get it up
I-I-I-I need a minute cold water to the face
I-I-I-I need a minute, ? to the place
On our porch smoking vapor
Listening to the?

All she needed was a
All she needed was a
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The Worst Guys Lyrics

Childish Gambino – The Worst Guys Lyrics

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