Chief Sosa Loves Smokin On Loud
I’m In My Rari Smokin On Loud
I Hit Shawdy She Screamin Loud
She Loud, She Loud, She Loud
My Boys Desert Eagle, they Loud
So Boy you Best Watch Yo Mouth
A Hunnid Shots We Squeeze ‘Em You Down
Go bow!, Go bow!, Go bow!

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I Pull Off On Dat b***h I’m Soo Loud
And What I’m Smokin On I’m Soo Loud
Shawdy Know How Sosa Get Down
Chief Sosa Goin c** In Her Mouth
Damn Boy Your Pockets So So Slim
Man I Can Be Up In That Gym
Watch Chief Sosa Ball Break The Rim
We Gots Lots Of Kush Make A Sell
I Spend All My Money On Clothes
Never Spend My Money On Hoes
Man I Just Be Stuntin On Hoes
On Hoes, On Hoes, On Hoes…


[Verse 2: Ballout]
You Know Me And Chief Sosa Off Loud
Everytime We Come To Your Town
We Smoke Dope, Dats It
We Smoke Off Tht Pound
We Got Choppas And I Swear They Soo Loud
Sneak Diss Us And We Come To Your Town
Pull Up And The Rari Soo Loud
All The Bad b*****s
We Go Around
Everytime We Come Around
They Be Like Ballout
And Sosa So Wild
Is It Cause We Smoke So Much Loud?
We At The Top And b***h We Ain’t Comin Down
Ballout! Ballout! Ballout!

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Loud Lyrics

Chief Keef – Loud Lyrics