No I never cry
Never never never cry
Since I found a home, I'm free to fly
No more loneliness
I'm comin' from a new address
Now I found some hearts that are on my wavelength
So come this way, it's tres gentile
Get on up to the barbecue
Just paper plates and you'll find that we ain't
Fancy people with attitudes

(But if you're gonna)
Stay, don't just stay
Come let's sway around
Stay, don't just stay
Move your head around
Feel the rhythm and you
You can do no wrong
Soul dancin' all summer long

I want you to know
Now that I'm about to go
That your party saved me, and moved my soul
There's so much sweetness
Wellin' up inside my chest
That I'll remember when I'm far away

She said,
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Stay, Don't Just Stay (If You're Gonna) Lyrics

Cherry Poppin Daddies – Stay, Don't Just Stay (If You're Gonna) Lyrics

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