I'm shoppin' gonna buy my blues away
Shoppin' I'm walking up to the counter and say
I want this sweater I sure feel better
Shoppin' gonna take my troubles to town
Shoppin' you don't need money down
Charge it, wrap it send it

Ever since my mother took me to a big department store
My heartbeat escalated all the way to the second floor
I couldn't hide my passion for the latest fashion craves
My momma told me that's just another phase I'm going through
Whatcha got, that's new

Shoppin' gonna buy my blues away
Shoppin' I got bad news today
Instead of eating cause my man's cheating
Shoppin' I'm gonna take my troubles to town
Shoppin' why everyone else around is smokin' token' coken'
Well I'll be shoppin'

[Spoken in the background]
Excuse me Miss,
See that-the Dress over there
How many colors does it come in
Yes, all right, No, I'd like it every one
No, I'm not going to try it
I know it'll fit
Ooh, you know what
Let's go up..Ohh, they're having a sale
My God, I love sales
No, I don't have any last name
It's just Cher, just plain Cher
Ooo, I like the shoes
Do you think you could..this thing,
It's all pink and wrinkly.. it's..
What a darling little bag

Shoppin' I'm gonna buy it
Shoppin' I never try it on for size
Shoppin' Will I like it
Shoppin' Does the color match my eyes
Folks say I'm daring for what I'm wearing
I'm always scaring the people's staring
So I'm declaring I'm tired of swearing
I'm just shoppin'

Shoppin' I'm gonna buy my blues away
Shoppin' I got bad news today
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Shoppin' Lyrics

Cher – Shoppin' Lyrics

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