I can't find
A four-leaf cover anymore
I could find it
If I wanted to
I believe
If you put your mind to something
Well there ain't anything in this world
You could not do

But I can't find
One honest man
Why can't I find me
One honest man
Don't understand

The only thing
I ever wanted
Was a little bouquet
Of truth from him
But it gave me
All the things
You can't build love on
And I am on the wrong side
Of a broken heart again

Why can't I find one honest man
Why can't I find me one honest man
Don't understand

If a little bitty candle
Can light of the darkness
Why can't it shine
It's way through
I've been waiting
A very, very, very long time
Ain't no man ever gonna be true

Don't understand
Ain't there a man for me

[Chorus: x3]
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One Honest Man Lyrics

Cher – One Honest Man Lyrics