I can see the curtain
The ending
Knew it was on its way
I just didn't want it to be today...
Watching the cityscape
Drift from day to dusk to dark
Blurrily indistinct the sooty cape
Slowly slips across its jagged shape...
Lights signaling
Some winking on
Then blinking off...
Lights signaling
Some winking on
Red and red and white...
I can see
Piss over battersea
Floating in flight...
On quiet nights I can hear the stars
And cosmonauts talk
A ragged 30-watt moon
Hangs over my hotel room...
I saw you nodding out in
The mouth of the night
Face full of white light grace...
And I push your body out into space
Let it go
Watch it drift away...
Going on to beggar and bitter things
Just a fly with little plucked off wings...
Going on to beggar and bitter things
Never fly
Never earn your wings...
And when the stars are all burned out
Don?t try and tell me what it's all about
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Force Quit Lyrics

Chemlab – Force Quit Lyrics