I give him love the best I can,
But you don't seem to understand.
It's not always deep,
But it's always true and he does not belong to you.
Hey, I do not forgive, and I do not forget.
I will fight for love, until the day

Jezebel, save your charms,
He'll be back here in my arms.
Oh how quickly you forget he's not yours yet.
He is not yours, not yet.

Gonna throw on this cotton dress,
Put lilac scent on the back of my neck.
I'll walk barefoot down that mountain-side,
Straight to your door.
Girl, you can't hide.
Cause I do not forgive,
And I do not forget.
I will fight for love until the day.


Standing out in the pouring rain,
Calling out my lover's name.
I know he won't leave me in the cold,
Send my baby home.
Send my baby home.

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Jezebel Lyrics

Chely Wright – Jezebel Lyrics

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