In The Realm of the warriors of the underworld
All disciples betrayed by the filth
Forever changed, scarred by deep tragedy
Discovered an unfathomable call
It was like a singing flame, the moment of the torment
And it went through them like lighting through dark-storm
Contamination of their Will, Aspirations of the Quincunx,
Traveling between the layers of the Universe

The world trees deciphering the Codex
Invoking and Conjuring the 4th Cataclysm
And Omnipotent and Multiform, the thorns of my soul
For I was the Iconoclast, the bringer of Retribution
Destroyer of their feeble ideals
For I'm the Oppressor
Conjurer of their Demise
Rebellious, Unmerciful,
Mourning the Death of my Beginning...
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Conjuring The New Apocalypse Lyrics

Chasm – Conjuring The New Apocalypse Lyrics