Freddie, be free from the pain
Is the world the same
Since you have gone away

Hey, Freddie
I'd go back if I could
Life was sure looking good
With you here yesterday

We're afraid of things
That we don't understand
Why did you close the show
It just began

Did you feel that maybe
You weren't loved enough
Or were you afraid of
Being loved too much

Freddie, there were
Clouds in your mind
But we all need some time
To learn what we're about

Hey, Freddie
Dreams don't come ready made
If you only had stayed
We'd have worked it out

I believed it all
The things that love can do
And you believed in love
But not in you

No, I never had a
Chance to say goodbye
Please forgive me
But there's something in my eye
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Freddie Lyrics

Charlene – Freddie Lyrics