Volunteers at the bar for a slow numbing
Don't remind me of then or of what's coming

I believe in happy endings
Still I drink along the way
Worry always spoils the moment
Here's a sip to save the day

Just a nip for the tired, double shot swallowed slow
I'm a rich fellow when I forget who I owe

Life doesn't taste so bad
When there's no taste at all
But the sour of alcohol
And you can't desert me, cause I'm already alone

Lost in music, prayer and thought
They're all I've got
There's nothing else my schooling bought me

I write the lines and no one reads them
Sing these words and no one hears
Draw a blank and draw the curtains
Here's to all the wasted years

I don't see my future crumbling
I don't see my storied past
I just see the bottom of my glass
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Bottom Of My Glass Lyrics

Chancellorpink – Bottom Of My Glass Lyrics