A silent predator lurks beneath my own skin. Multiplying
Into legions so, that it may control. Growing in
Strength. Mass invasion. Infecting to dominate. Inching
Closer every day, to breaking my will. Born with it
Running through my veins. Condemned at birth to be, eaten
From within. The sickness spreads rapidly. Festering vile
Inside of me, tell no one of my disease. Give to the
World what it gave to me. Humanity will inherit my
Suffering. Feeling the urge to share my gift. Through
Pleasure is how I will spread. Women now have become my
Prey. Take my dick and stick it in your fucking mouth. I
Give the gift that keeps on giving. You scream in
Pleasure as I inject you with my venom. I coat your
Throat with tainted seed. Gagging on jizz, try to
Swallow, c** sprays from your nose, puke on my c***. Pump

You full of vile secretions. See it dripping from your
Snatch. Lying in a pool of my poison. You are dead you
Just don't know it. Now you are one with my disease. One
More puppet on it's strings. Unbeknownst you pass it on.
Harvester of death you have become. I know the time is
Drawing near. Infect as many as I can. Cursing futures
That mean nothing to me. I wipe my ass with your life.
You should have never have offered yourself to me. Your
Fate now cannot be changed. Searching to find a new place
To hunt. Eradicate the female race. Now it's time for
Someone else to join the ranks of the damned. Feel it
Growing deep inside me. Each passing day you fall closer
To darkness. I use sexuality as a means to kill my prey.
You were not my first victim, nor will you be the last.
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Parasitism Lyrics

Cesspool Of Vermin – Parasitism Lyrics

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