Everthing good in me, is You
Everything I should be, is You
All the unbridled glee, streaming through
Everything good, is You

All of this hope I have, is You
Where I go whem I'm sad, is You
What You say is automatically true
Everything good is You

Everybody's searching for the truth
We say it isn't clear
Hardly ever near
Barely even here
But here it is

Everything strong in me, is You
All that belongs in me, is You
With wisdom that is old you make me new

Everything good is You

Everybody has to let it out
Say what they really feel
What they can't conceal
Why they need to kneel
Well You are why

Cause everything leaves me cold, but You
Everything makes me old, but You
The only story I've been told that I know is true
Is everything good, everything good

Everything brave in me, is You
Everything saved in me, is You
All the love that comes crashing through
Everything good, everything good, is You
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Everything Good Is You Lyrics

Ceili Rain – Everything Good Is You Lyrics