One day, the earth must vomit as sewers and cemeteries intertwine into one
The spitting up of the dead, regurgitated!
The fumes of the rot, exhumated!
The unsettling nature of decomposition
Flesh is flesh
The ground is wet with death
A plague of undead disease

Jellified organic mannequin
Cold and green muscle striations
What once was life, rebirth through death
The ground opens up at your feet
The fetid smell of sinew, vomiting the rot
Carriers of violent disease
Acids in your stomach expelled, dissolving the dead
Tracheal, purulent release
Upchuck on the maggot, lined trunk
The beautiful act of blowing the chunk

From the earth, they'll arise
Regurgitation of corpses
Vomit, decay
The regurgitation of corpses
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The Regurgitation Of Corpses Lyrics

Cattle Decapitation – The Regurgitation Of Corpses Lyrics