An excursion in science
Becomes a bloodbath hosted by nature
A closer look at life
Slashed, dismembered and eaten raw

Feast for the wild
Chewed and ripped into fragments
Blunt force facial restructurization

Shoulder to shoulder
Squeezed together
Compound fracture of the torso
Such sites are quite appalling

Stupid humans for the mauling
Us-kill them?
Them-eat us
Stupid humans for the carnage

Say goodbye to life
Gutted and defleshed-decapitated
Your insides now displayed

As your larynx is forced shut
Squealing pig
Humans for disembowlment
Stupid humans for the mauling

The carnage, the horror, the mauling
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Mauled Lyrics

Cattle Decapitation – Mauled Lyrics