Mary sticks her tongue out, it's a sign
Two fingers is a magical state
And she promised me she'd show me why
I don't think I can wait

Hey, hey, hey, hey, show me Mary
How does it go? Show me Mary
Show me Mary

This flower is a living cusp, but how it kills
Infectious beyond all that's fair
And if I succumbed while standing here
Would you really care?

How does it work?
Show me Mary
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, show me Mary
Show me Mary

Mary took a dive when it suited her most
No surprise you are sucked
You construct for yourself
Or are you really someone else?
Breezing through somebody's hell
Purifying as you go

No, no, no, no, show me Mary
Where have you been? Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
Show me Mary
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Show Me Mary Lyrics

Catherine Wheel – Show Me Mary Lyrics