Breathe in, breathe out, calm down
And baby kiss me
Let things play out, I swear
It's all a movie
Get down, get out of this town
We'll drive to California.
We'll hide beneath the pier,
If they come searching for you
Lay by the beach, lay by the ocean.
Top of the trees, and top of the mountains
This feelings got me, it's got me believing,
Your smile could keep me warm for a while.

[Verse 1:]
The sun in the space, beats down on my face
And I know that one day, everything will be ok.
The west coast will be waiting for you and me
I've got the world in my hands, let go of the past,
Were running away at last, I think that I can make it.
And these bags are only holding us down,
The future's waiting babe and I don't want to wait around


[Verse 2:]
You are my everything, my ultimate
My only goal is to make you smile
To make you happy for a while (I don't want you to leave)
(Without kissing me)
I don't want to let you go cause you mean the world to me.
This feeling has got me believing,
That your smile could keep me warm for a while.


I don't want to let you go!
I don't want to let you go!

[Chorus x2]
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The California Calling Lyrics

Catch Me If You Can – The California Calling Lyrics