Coming forth from the realm of night
Where human nightmares are bound
By the ancient seal of morbidity
Breaking to the world of human dreams
Turn it to the cold nightmare
Distorting the astral reality

Invisible force of fear...

In the night when sleep takes reign
Dreamshadows begin to move
Their whisper echoes like scream in your brain
And you fall down to the unreal nightmare
That drives you fucking insane
Demons of your sleep
Possess your sanity
As your mind rides down
To the abnormal reality

Feel the subconscious pain
As they swallow your sanity
They, who was born by your sleep

Risen in the spiritual brutality
Invisible force of insanity...

Hear them roaming
In the labyrinths of your soul...
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Invisible Force Of Fear Lyrics

Castrum – Invisible Force Of Fear Lyrics