Locked For 2 Long, Been Hot For To Long,
Watch You Wont Be On The Top For To Long,
Oc, Stop Tryin Be Pac When You Do Songs,
I Shot Gunz You Gotta Pop Wit 2 Arms,
Ma c*** 2 Long, Ma Shot To Visious,
I'm In A H2 Gettin Top From To bitches,
Let Do Business, I Gettin Pies In,
And I Been Had It Crackin Like Dry Skin,
We Pretend, I Live What I Sing About,
I Bought I Crib And I Aint Even Got A Single Out,
And They Already Got A Best Of Cassidy,
And None Of Yall niggaz Can Mess Wit Cassidy,
You Wont Shine If You Mess Wit Cassidy,
You Jus Aint Got Enough Mind Compasidity,
I Aint A Game, I Aint A Joke And
I Got Change I Aint Broke And
I Aint Sweet Neither, I Got Beat Heaters,
And I Keep Divas, Meat Beaters,
The Fever, Lift Your Sole Like Cheap Sneakers,
And I Hit Cats Wit The Ax And Meat Cleavers,
And I Have Ya ass Stashed In The Deep Freezer,
And The Squad That I Ride Wit Is Heat Squeezers,
On Some Get Cake shit, My Album A Problem This Jus My Mixtape Shit(Bitch)
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Made You Look Freestyle Lyrics

Cassidy – Made You Look Freestyle Lyrics