Verse 1
The time has come make way for the Italian ceo
Don't worry where I'm from it's what I've done bro
Believed in the movement, that what I've done yo
I have an army of made men like Lucky Luciano
Speaking business suites we go as far back as capono
And I don't need support I got all my pizannos
Even got respect from the Gods down in Rome
A sleeping giant has awakened we gone
Playas talking it meanwhile making your girl on
The rap Sinatra bringing the rat pack back to your home
And now were making denero the industry we own
And from Sicily to nyc we will be none


We pimpin
We Ballin
We Hustlin
We Lovin it

Verse 2
Cruisin Malibu girl by my side with a mona lisa smile
To busy making that money I gotta be spending it once and a while
Versace, Gucci, Armani just name any style
Ferrari, Masseratti, Diablo pick any dial
London, la, Milan got a girl by the aisle
Swiss, America, Japan, a few hundred piles
Just lounging sipping red wine as my nails get filed
The Life of a Casanova King


We pimpin (repeat)
We Ballin (repeat)
We Hustlin (repeat)
We Lovin it

Verse 3
Alls I wanna do is bring some flavour to the game
Tired of the same ol thing it's getting kinda lame
Holla if you support the colors from where you came
The Green, the white and red my everything, my flame
Start of a new era, the thrown I will claim
Been working hard for years lord knows I'm insane
And I'm never gonna quit till the world knows my name
Were marching in the game leading the phenomenon
Ya wanna catch how I'm living it's on Babylon
In my mansion playing Sopranos on my Trinitron
And all my capos be steadily flowing like exon
I have like 4 or 5 you know where there lips be on


We pimpin (repeat)
We Ballin (repeat)
We Hustlin (repeat)
We Lovin it
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CEO Lyrics

Carvelli – CEO Lyrics