Patience, child it will find you
Your deepest dreams will guide you
The moment that you're born
All night my fear inside will come through
Haunting right behind you
Don't let it get that far

Breathe a little deeper now
Cause this is who we are
When we look into their eyes
Don't fly so high
So high little bird
You'll get your wings clipped
We'll pick it up, pick it up
Now you've learned

For moment that defines you
Your deepest dreams remind you
Get out before you're gone
Now that all you hear is what surrounds you
Push it out, give it out
From around you
Never stop and you will find it all


So we decide
We decided
We decide this now
So find out how we can survive
How we can survive
If we learn how to live our lives
If we learn how to live

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This Is Who We Are Lyrics

Cartel – This Is Who We Are Lyrics

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