Bitch you think you bad? I will show you what bad is! Why should I hate on you? You're a fucking fagget, want the collaboration channel? You can have it! Sike I'm just playin sit it down and slab it! Yeah you hear me shut it...
Here's some sissors cut it!
Lookin' for trouble?
Well bitch you fuckin' got it!
Something to say?
Well bitch you better shout it!
Think Ima game?
Bitch you got me fucked up, see this is a shame that you're gettin' bucked up!
Ha ha, now do you see why?
You don't know me & I ain't talkin' bout T. I.
I bet next time that you'll mind your B. I.
Next time you see me run away, see ya!
Pink hair? Yeah I got it from the Nickster & if you got a problem with it then you fix her! I'm shitting on these bitches, yes I run habbo!
Did I tell yo ass to slurp, no swallow
Fuck what you have to say
Ima do me
And Ima have it my way
Nigga screw me? No screw you!
Fuck you & you too
You're just mad because I win, & you lose
Here's a tissue for your tears, boohoo
Cause this is Carmen's Revenge bitch, screw you

Rah, rah, Like a Dungeon Dragon(3x's)
Like a dungeon dragon, like a dungeon dragon
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Carmen's Revenge Lyrics

Carmen Fierce – Carmen's Revenge Lyrics

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