I bust the devestatin' rhymes like a sumo flex
To put the crook in your neck, so be glad you met, the vet
Who's set, to explode into the next mode
No time to be scared, just time to get prepared
For the fly verses I be kickin' chattin' through the speaker
And keepin' my grip, like sneakers for the weaker
As I be gettin' vicious and malicious for the suckers
'Cause they be like scrumptious
Like snacks, for the cats that be starvin'
And I'll be gettin' it on like Marvin, so I beg your pardon
For the moment, as I be gettin' suave like shavin' cream
Then scream, but keep my balance standin' on the beam
As if a gymnast, I'm in this
Flippin' the tracks, for the whack, who need a smack, and all that
Stuff cause I'm out to kick the rough
Porcupine-backed raps, that have ya hot like the claps
But there's no cure, see I'm the connoisseur
I'm pure like the coke like they snortin'
And indeed this is important for the restless,
No more I can like stress
Get a load of this yo, the styles I manifest

Styles I manifest

Now it's my turn, so listen and learn as I proceed
The microphone is mine so it's time to make it bleed
Feed me bread and wanted to watch me grow like a seed
But if you pull a gun then I would flee (see-ya)
But until then, I'll break wind, excuse me
Fan it with my hand so I can execute the plan
Number two on the roster, deadly like the third rail
And rhymes that I say now make my old ones like sound stale
Oh well I can tell, it's swell
Flowin' like melted snow runnin' down the hill
Headed for the gutter but I'm slick like butter
And mom's is my girlfriend, and no I didn't stutter
(So what up?) So what up with the styles I manifest
I switch em up like needle trains
Stay on top of things and come sharp like razor blades
And never come the same as the last one
And you can ask 'em (why?) 'cause I'ma surpass em
With the styles I manifest

Styles I manifest
Yeah, the styles I manifest, uh
Yeah, ya don't stop
Yeah, uh
C'mon, c'mon, and ya don't stop
And ya don't quit, hey
C'mon, hey, hey
Check it out

The styles I manifest (yo the styles you manifest)
Comin' crazy fat like the breasts upon your chest
To girls I be referrin', cause ducks get the cum sack
Ridin' upon my jock as if I was on a horseback
Ride up the trail, gettin' tipsy off the ale
I feel kinda swale so it's time to tip the scale
So I shall uplift this, cause rhymin' is terrific
And if I get specific, my talent is like, gifted
As if the late Miles Davis or the great Sammy
'Cause I be droppin' that dope hip-hop, yo understand me
Once knew a skeezer by the name her name was Tammy
But didn't chill too long cause this hoe she wanted dough
So off I went, cause no money's gettin' spent
Or lint like loan sharks be doin', 'cause I was out pursuin'
rap stardom with the styles I manifestin'
I keep ya steadily guessin', 'cause yo nevertheless when
I speak upon the metal piece, I gets my props
Feds are the cops so I bounce like shots
The bass drum be givin' it juice like a tomato
'Cause nothin' compares to you which is me, ask Sinead O', Connor
'Cause I'ma, much more different person here to stress
(Whassup) the styles I manifest

Yeah, the styles I manifest
The styles I manifest
The styles I manifest
Check it out, the styles I manifest
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Styles I Manifest Lyrics

Capital Tax – Styles I Manifest Lyrics