Yeah, This is Spartibus
Yo, yo, yo

You wanna spar wit 'bus, then let's get started 'cuz
Atomic thrusts turn you into cosmic dust
Bomb ya borders with Japanese Spigot mortars
Recompose your composition to sawdust
Time is breath; breath is life; life is light
Light is no less than capital 'C' on the mic
Beneath the mirage of night I'll attack you twice
Prepare to rig a sacrifice with my ritual rights
Reinforce my habitual likes 'n dislikes
Then diss you on the mic cause I'm sick o' the hype
No one's ever written what I write
Compare they calligraphy type
Tell me yo how can I not be nice
The royal semen of Caesar frozen in a cryofreezer
On sale for seven figures per milliliter
Lethally illegal; I speak to the people
In the form of an eagle on top of the Theves Cathedral
With boundless knowledge, like hairless dalai'lamas
With linen garments neatly wrapped around armpits
With monasteries in the mountains
Trumpets have already sounded

This game is Chinese chess, countless issues need to be addressed
Before the East nukes the West; totalitarianistic cause-'n-effect
"Run the words through a decompressor, recompress the depth"
Canibus is the most explosive next to meth
The inconsistency of the text, makes me complex
Pay attention to 'bis my intention is this
Leave you spatially adrift suspended in the abyss
Marijuana plant owner, smell my aroma
Contract scirrhous carcinoma and retinoblastoma
Confederate federal general the electric general
FCC omni-directional antenna poles
IFF, identification friend or foe
This areas restricted don't let 'em thru
He'll mock your style, rock you to the ground
With the bite force of a Sarcosuchus crocodile
Travel a fiber optic mile before you can smile
So don't ask me why, and don't ask how

Until I'm impressed with the print I can hear a pin drop like Sprint
Once it blends I can stop right then
Quantum coupling mechanisms and technical shit
Confuses you but I don't think your any less of a dick
Just define what is poetry and what is rap
I demonstrate how to effectively +Bridge the Gap+
The answer is simple in fact:
If the protons don't attack the retina, all we'd ever see is black
No ability, no extraocular motility
Silly emcees can't see me lyrically or visually
They'll never be better than me
I'll triple team 'em with a trinity severed to 3 and give 'em 9 enemies
Climb back to periscope depth in 2 hours
Surrender and throw in the towel
The amalgam of the ultimate album
This is Spartibus power (echoes)
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Spartibus Lyrics

Canibus – Spartibus Lyrics