Yeah, Can I Bus is rippen' 'em
44 caliber sylabus caliber killen' 'em nigga'
Yeah uh huh
C Ya'll nigga's wanna fuck with the illest you can't
A Ya'll nigga's want to talk about lyrics you can't
N Yo watch me take it over the limit 'cause I get's busy as a
mother fucker, gimme a minute
You this is canibal rap
Canibus cancel your stats
My vandal's in black
I take a hammer yo your mother fucking plaque
A MAC 11 when I'm clappin' a rap
You can't battle that
Your fans need to understand the facts
You ain't even got the balls to rock on the track
If you do, then do the damn thing
and call your man back
I treat you like a lab rat
Shove a caplet up you ass crack
Stop the bleedin' with a tampax
In fact, your so vain, you probably think this rhyme is about you,
but really nigga I'm doing better without you
Lyrically I'm a mouth full
Throw blows too low to crouch to
Pic a mic up and joust you
Brainstream in your cranium
Lyrical arithmomania
The creater of a greater sum
Updated lungs were created by the pyramid builders
With silver injecters
Equipped with KNN filters
To keep out the filth and the dust
When I bust you hush
or I just sh-sh-shit on you and flush
You want hip hop?
Then yo Canibus is a must
Give a fuck if the shit flop
Nigga' I still bust, for real
I don't complain, I don't explain
Been profaned before I had a name in the game
I spit out a verse, bleet out the curses
Reverse it and verse is
Write it out in cursive
I don't have to learn it
So if you want to teach then teach
but don't preach
If you got somethin' to say to me then speak
but don'
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I Can U Can't Lyrics

Canibus – I Can U Can't Lyrics