They woke you in the night
A glare from bright headlights.
Sentry's in a row,
You watched them from a front window.
Through sleepy eyes you saw the scene,
And felt as if a dream
Had come to life.

Caught by surprise
Protection in disguise.
A high barricade,
The price too high to pay.
The late-night dancers filled the street,
And stopped as if a dream
Had come to life

A wail and a cry,
Blue lights flashing by
In shadows of the trees,
A zone runs in between.
The young-boy soldiers filled the streets
And moved as if a dream
Had come to life.

Can it be a nightmare?
Will you wake and still be there?
So you try to run,
Frightened you're the one left inside.
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Vopos Lyrics

Camel – Vopos Lyrics