My best of friends. this is so familiar. we try to
Pretend. nothing's wrong. this crutch that we both lean
On. tell me that it's fine and dandy. but she said
Improbable. we're stop and go. we're high and low. and
Moving slow. just say you'll keep running back to me.
Improbable she said. my funny friend. this feels so
Peculiar. the worst ground to defend. we're standing on.
These word games you play on me. our language failed us
Both completely. then you said impossible. it's what we

Know. it's to and fro. and moving slow. just say you'll
Keep hanging in with me. improbable she said. my closest
Friend. looking like the weight of the world. is on your
Shoulders in my room. where you suffer. there's no upside
Now. I know you suffer. there's no upside now. I know you
Suffer. there's no upside. but there's still something
Left for me. but there's something left for me. I know
There's something left for me. I know there's something.
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Improbable Upside Lyrics

Camber – Improbable Upside Lyrics