Verse 1:
Was about six months ago I met a girl up in the club
I was fresh from constant heartache trying not to fall in love
Though my heart was so reluctant I could not resist her charm
Unaware of what was coming as I held her in my arms.

(Seduced me)
How was I to know that she would
(Hurt me)
Should've known her taste would be

Delicious Malicious
Could she be so vicious to me?
Had her fun deceiving me
Delicious Malicious
How could she just do that to my heart?

Verse 2:
Spending precious nights together it appeared we've hit it off
But an unexpected circumstance would turn her emotions off
It couldn't be true
Another man I heard with you
About to lose my mind
(Didn't know what I'd do)
Thought I could control the outcome thought I've figured out the game
Dejavu had come to haunt me
Way she did me was a shame

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Delicious Malicious Lyrics

Calevolution – Delicious Malicious Lyrics