Remember how good things use to be
Remember how good things everything use to be
It used to just be so good
It used to just be me and this girl, yeah right, right!

Sitting in my room with a razor blade
Thinking on my days are played
As much as my single needs to fade away
Shoot my self in the arm and start bleeding

Don't want to go yet,stick a straw in my wound an taste my heart beating
Fucking bitch left me and I ain't even peeped yet
Fuck all that noise a play poy the sleeps wet
Smoke a bundle till the face lace my brain and neurons

Calving on my downfall and on my fucking forearm
Cage snap out of it,it's just a girl,it's just the world
It's just a life,it's just a rusty gamble knife
Wedged between my ribs scratching my heart up tonight

I'm gonna pull this shit off in front of all my friends
When swimming under the Brooklyn bridge tryin' catch the Benz
Didn't swim deep enough my head enblowded ten percent
Floated to the surface,the paramedics like what's this stench?
(I want everybody to back up,he's still alive)

[Chorus: x2]
I'm a suicidal failure,look my life's a failure
I can't make it in rap because my birth's an error
Do what I can to catch a quick death
But I meant to be here and that's a fuckin' hell I live wrecked

Took the phone off the hook,in multi-colored pills
Watch the downward absolute,started writing out my will
Give my dog bootlegs pearced-two in DC

So my girl who left me when she said,'pick me in pcp'
Since I love to smoke I thought it was a joke
Tried to hang myself and I fell free from the rope
Broke both my arms,my neck smashed my themar

Got up somehow and lived in front of a beamer
Cracked my ribcage, look what you did cage,your dying
But I'm not dead yet I'm still trying
Cut my wrist and walked past some crips bleeding red
In hopes that I get shot in the fucking head

[Chorus: x2]

I drinked a bottle of jacks, lift three bottles of kitty
In the middle of the freeway walking to the city
So much pcp I changed my name to watermouth
Pumpin' acid ace I walked into a Jewish slaughter house

Throw myself on the hook, now that's the chorus
Got split from my neck to my dick,now that's what poor is
Hallow man look at all my dangling parts
Dropping to the gutter with a piece of you in my heart

Little piece of shit that I couldn't fling from my chest
Should of stayed a lot long enough to kill the faggot with
But right now, my skin is getting stripped off
Each one of my limbs is ripped off covered in thick sauce

My head hits the convale an I'm thinkin' a brail of cent
I'm watching a movie alone's alone and your sucking somebody's dick
Six seconds left when I die I'm gonna find her
On some poker dice shit,while my face goes through the grinder

[Chorus: x2]
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Suicidal Failure Lyrics

Cage – Suicidal Failure Lyrics

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