You say I've got trouble
I've got trouble all over me
I've got trouble since the day I was born
And it's not just a struggle
It's the blood running through my veins
It's all the clothes I've ever worn

Cause when I'm with you I feel so overdressed

The trouble is I'm not above or beyond anything
So I know you must be good for me
As far as you can and as bad as I am
I know you must be good for me

I'm a terrible lover
I never love you the way I should
And every single reason's wrong
Oh my sister, my brothers
We've got history on our heels
And we're running like we broke the law

With friends like these tell me, who needs the police

We're making noise in the temple
But we're skimming off the top
And we don't want you to suffer
But you don't want to stop
Because you know that it's the only way

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Trouble Lyrics

Caedmon's Call – Trouble Lyrics

Songwriters: DEREK W. WEBB
Trouble lyrics © MUSIC SERVICES, INC.

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