Peacefulness before the storm
Time slows down and you're alone

Lookin' up trustingly to the sky
Where dark clouds come and pass by
Waitin' for the rain to make a change
You want your sins to be washed away

Don't wait 'till you draw by
Don't hesitate before the goal
Come on, you have time left
Don't let the rain sweep you away

Stand up! Go and walk your own way!
Go and clean your face!
Struggle against the slack!
Don't look back!

Yelling blindly, dumbly to the sky
Thinkin' there would be no way out
You just blame yourself for everything
Natheless the key's in your hand

Double your fist and fight for your right!
Nobody does anything for you beside you
Break from your bonds and you'll be free
Don't wait for change without your own self
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Noah's Heritage Lyrics

Cadaveres – Noah's Heritage Lyrics

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