I have a white house
A legacy from my dear daddy-o
It has a big yard
A flower garden and a big fat ugly doll – a scarecrow.

I heard some neighbours
Burried their money in their courtyard and now they
Pretend to be poor
I'll find some good cause -
I will convince the others they are not secure.

Diggin' a hole
My ideals are growing down
My goal
Is to make myself a fully black-gold kinky crown

I am a nice guy
I like guns but I will not touch one, don't be afraid
I have my dogs though
Prepared to shoot your children while they're drinking
Their lemonade.

Just put your smile back
I can revoke your damn rights whenever I want
Cause I got a white house
And you're nothing but a hound dog I can taunt.

Dig a hole, man, dig a- dig a hole
Dig a hole, man, dig a- dig a hole
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Diggin' A Hole Lyrics

Byron – Diggin' A Hole Lyrics