What ever happened to twin sets?
What ever happened to Hi-fi?
What ever happened to tv s**?
What ever happened to you and I?

Your passion is a product
Of highlight and detail.
That come hither look--
Bonus offer retail.

Whatever happened to pick-up trucks?
Whatever happened to yellow pages?
Whatever happened to burning books?
Whatever happened to new ages?

Your emotions are cheap--
Cut, price, cash and carry.
You wear your heart on your sleeve
For any Tom, dick, or Harry.

Your love is a cashed-in cheque.
Oh oh, that's the way of all flesh!

Whatever happened to Chairman Mao?
Whatever happened to God above?
Whatever happened to the cow?
Whatever happened to plug-in love?

Your pasteurised life--
So fit for consumption.
Ooh, those undressing eyes--
So strictly commercial.

Your love is a cashed-in cheque
Oh oh, that's the way of all flesh!
All flesh!
All flesh!
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What Ever Happened? Lyrics

Buzzcocks – What Ever Happened? Lyrics

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