If I could somehow take back all these lies
Finally put down this disguise
Get you back, back where you belong
If I could take back all the shit I've done
Make you see that you're the one
It started out so right, it went so wrong
Tell me baby, how did it go so wrong?

Please don't ever go away, no matter what I say
You've got to know how much I need you
Please don't let it go to waste, all the memories we've made
Cause they won't mean a thing, if you're not here with me

Do you remember how we used to talk
About running away just to get lost?
I wish that you were here with me tonight
Tell me baby, how to make this right


If I could lay you on my bed
If I could hold you once again
I'd never let you go
Take your time, let's do this right,
Just know that I'll be waiting


If you're not here with me.
I want you here with me.
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Here With Me Lyrics

Burn Halo – Here With Me Lyrics

Songwriters: MALOY, ZAC / HART, JAMES
Here With Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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