One day you diss next day you kiss ass
And the lies you spit now roll so fast
Even you yourself start to believe them
So when alone you feel you try to begfriend

Don't want to hear another excuse
You really are blind to the truth
You can't blame your parents or your youth
And you should have really learnt when they broke your tooth

From stage to sound booth you toy with the truth
Like we care about what you try hard to prove
We still in this struggle see the pain and the plight
As outcasts we learned true mental fight
Cause from youth things never turned out right
Enough things go on round here wickeder than before
Don't let things get to your head

Misdirecting cold calculating
Just to cause more futile suffering
Soldados stay fuerte
And we'll live another day con suerte
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Beg Friend Lyrics

Bun Dem Out – Beg Friend Lyrics