{feat Lil Flip,Dee Money, & B.G.}

{Bun B}
Yeah niggas it's going down i got my nigga
Fliperacy wit me got my nigga Dee Money
And my nigga B.Gizzle we dangerous

{Dee Money Chorus)
We dangerous straight murders can't fuck wit us
Cause we dangerous We killers dope dealers
Woodgrain grippin murders we dangerous.

{B.G. Verse 1}
I walk in da wit a 44 on my waist ready 2 blow up
Da place ready 2 start cappin niggas and get dis
Shit started don't even get me started dis x got me
Retarted sippin on purple paint drapped up 2 da fullest
Bustin shots faithfully representing New Orleans 2 da

{Bun B Verse 2}
Undefeated like King Koopa rappin wit H-Town's finest
Bustin shots so i should be renamed your hinest a hard hittin
Nigga same nigga dat's been doing it dangerous 2 the bone duckin
And dodgin bullets bitch game over bitch ready 2 bust a cap in yo
Ass fuck wit if u want and i put a quick whippin on u fast.

{Lil Flip Verse 3}
It's Fliperatacy nigga H-Town nigga ready 2 fuck over da game
So please remember the name i flip dat money stack dat money
Get dat money till i die bustin shots and stayin dangerous until
I die bitch.

{Dee Money Verse 4}
Dee Money woodgrain grippin stay switchin lanes dangerous nigga coming through yo hood mane we rob liqour stores sell crack and flip hoes
We smokin on dat best weed dirty south best weed It's Dee Money Fliperacy
Bun B & B.Gizzle dangerous type we out nigga.

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Dangerous(Freestyle) (Bonus Track) Lyrics

Bun B – Dangerous(Freestyle) (Bonus Track) Lyrics