Your left hand got the finger on the button
Your right forgot how to feel
Your head don't know what either one is doin'
Ya turn nothin' into such a big deal

I've been gettin' all the signals and the signs
And I've been watchin' how ya cheat and steal
And then you try to spin my name into a lie
Now won't anybody tell me what is real

Are you listening - do you hear a thing
Even through your own shit so deafening
Up on my own feet - you can't make me drop

Try to pull me down - I'll still be on top
Now you started something that you can't stop

There's a fine line and you think you can cross it
Rollin' along on your entitlement wheel
Who will remember you for self-importance?
At least I got to know what the [fuck] is real

Well you can keep all your dirty little secrets
Of all the scapegoats you forced to kneel
I saw the world through Jesus-colored glasses
Now won't anybody tell me what is real
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Real Lyrics

Bumblefoot – Real Lyrics