I couldn't turn around with nowhere else to go.
That image frightened me and tried to steer me home.
The thoughts un-remedied that swerved a right hand turn.
Into a destiny away from flames or smoky roads can't see the way back home.

If you were sent to me to inquire my life's worth.
It's a quest not new to me admire what life's worth.
And you can say to me your demeaning human value.
And that you're stuck with me here demeaning human value.

A creepy mystic hindrance of dreaming but I'm not sleeping.
I'm trying to wake up. Too hyper to wake up.

A trailer park eviction of pride taken by a schoolgirl
Innocent and dumb and somehow haunts me now.

I could spend the rest of me in a hole that I can't see out
Overheads, while clutching on to heals.

But there's a double-standard comfort zone of mediating
A soul confined to losing roles.
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Passenger Ghost Lyrics

Bugs In Amber – Passenger Ghost Lyrics