All of me please take all of me 'cause you are all I see
Everything to me
When your gone I am lost I want to be forgiven
But I'm not
And if I hurt your feeling's I will stop
Please don't turn away from me and have a little faith now

Cause baby you were there you always seemed to care for me and this is where I belong
I never was aware and suddenly it came to be and this is what I've become
Opened up my eye's and made me realize that you would take all of me

Please take all of me, cause you are all I see my blue eyed ocean breeze

When it all falls apart I wanna live forever don't we all
It's not like we don't ever get along please don't turn away from me and have a little faith now

Miss you all the time underneath a stormy sky
You take away the rain and leave me with a sunny day
Stay here by your side and never let you go now
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All Of Me Lyrics

Buckcherry – All Of Me Lyrics

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