Walkin' off the highway I'd been tryin' to catch a ride
Hungry and thirsty as a bear,
Not a penny in my pockets and I'd ran out of pride
So I thought I'd try to bum myself a beer.

When up stopped a well known posse starin' down at me
A big old shiny badge pinned on his vest
He said if you ain't got no money and you ain't got no job
Boy I'm placing you under arrest.

Or you can get out of town before sundown
And don't you never come back
Take your tambourine and your guitar string
And move on down the track.

Don't like the way that you comb your hair
The way you drawl you all
And if you're not out of town before sundown
You won't get out of town at all.

Well, I hitchhiked down to Phoenix I was following the sun
Prettiest place I think I've ever seen
I met a sweet young lady, but how was I to know
That pretty thing was only seventeen.

Then I saw the red lights gleamin'
And I heard the sirenes screamin'
A sound that fills the bravest hearts with fear
And that old sheriff didn't stutter
When to me those words he uttered
Boy don't let the sun set on you here.

You better get out of town before sundown...
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Get Out Of Town Before Sundown Lyrics

Buck Owens – Get Out Of Town Before Sundown Lyrics

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