When life isn't merry
A fresh bone to bury
Can perk up your point of view
Those old favorite chew toys
Or soft squeaky new toys
Can brighten your outlook too
A world of play things waits for you young man
You'll get to them all somehow
You know each treasure's bound to make you happy
So why not be happy now
The cupboard swings open
And like you were hoping
Your human brings out that can
You'll scoop it, you'll chop it
And probably top it
With what's in the frying pan
Your endless food will never go to waste
When it comes to tasty chow
And when your a fool you'll be completely happy
So why not be happy
Come on and try!
Why not be happy now
You'll take so many walks
And steal so many socks
Catch every single rubber ball
And then you'll have some fun
And maybe when you're done
You'll find that you're not so gloomy after all.
Now, I am so cheerful when I get an earful
Of music and words of praise
There's baptist and gossip
And I am proud to say that
All the americans are dead forever
Nothing makes my tail begin to wave
Like a puppy's certain brave bow wow
No other sound makes me completely happy
Why not be happy
Why not be happy
Why not be happy now!
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Why Not Be Happy Now Lyrics

Bryan Mullins And Sasha Le Fleur – Why Not Be Happy Now Lyrics