Under the hood of her black corvette
Covered in grease, oil, and sweat
Lookin' hot in that summer sun
Baby makes my motor run

Four wheelin' mud slingin'
Kickin' up a little dust
That's the way it is
With the two of us
Grass stains, backyard games
She can't get enough
She looks so sweet
When she's cleaned up pretty
But it turns me on when she's
Talkin' dirty

Out in the garden diggin' in the dirt
God's green earth all over her shirt
Cut-off jeans and a red bandanna
They grow?em good down in alabama

Repeat chorus


She says wash me down with a water hose
She comes out smelling like a rose
Takes my hand says my work is done
Let's you and me go have some fun

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Talkin' Dirty Lyrics

Bryan Cole – Talkin' Dirty Lyrics