Don't mistreat me, mama
When you know you doin' wrong yourself
Don't mistreat me, baby
When you know you're doin' wrong yourself
Well, you ain't doin' nothin'
But drivin' me right to somebody else

How can I love you woman
When you always gone
You expect for me to do right
When you always doin' wrong


I asked her where she been
She said, "Sonny that ain't a rule"
She looked me dead in my face
"None of your business, fool"


You know I love you woman
You can bet your life it's true
I want you to love me little girl
That all I want from you


Don't get mad little girl
'Cause a' the things I'm sayin' to you
I want you to realize woman
You know you got some troubles, too

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Don't Mistreat Me Lyrics

Brownie McGhee – Don't Mistreat Me Lyrics

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