I, I wanna swing like Tiger
Hit like Mcguire
Put myself on top
I, I wanna drive like Gordon
And hoop like Jordan
Come on, I gotta stop

Everybody wants money like Gates
It would be great to have a little more
But all of the fame and the fortune I could gain
But I wouldn’t trade for

You are the only one that is true
And I wanna be like You

I wanna be like you, be like You are
Free from sin to shine like stars
With my eye single and full of light
I wanna be like You so I’ll be what’s right
Be like You if I wanna win
I might stumble but I start again
I wanna be where You are
You’re my star

I, I put on my disguise
Living a lie, I thought I would have fun
I, out of my own fear, I shed many a tear
I tried to be someone
Now I finally know
And happy to show that You’re all I need
To be the one You’ve made me
For Your glory for the world to see

Like a windmill, spinning round and round
Focus at the wrong thing looking at the wrong crowd
I’m only hoping to be like You
You’re the only one that I need to pursue
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Be Like You Lyrics

Brother's Keeper – Be Like You Lyrics