Off the rossi twisted, I'm not yo average package
Snatch it, too bad ya had to miss it, english keeps me lifted
We can take a, one good leg to kick it
My walkin til I'm crippled, talkin sick wit it
Top of shiznit, til it get noted that I'm liquid
Quick we bustin on all you rivals
All about survival, liabale, to burn up every bible
'Cause ain't no fuckin wit my style, dial 1-800-fuck-it
'Cause I'm zoned up out my mind,
And based on the notion that it's kill a nigga nine times
Sonic boom like Guile, Dr. Doom proper room wit space
'Cause I'm off the wall like Michael, Myers, cream like Dryers
I is, certified fifty, nifty
Won't it be one hella've sight to try an get me
Sticky as a gasimist, I be leavin clits with hickeys
English go over to mickey's
Incredible like bitch be tryin to pull sixty-six point sixty
Victim full of fish, cook 'em shook 'em like yahtzee
I'm mo' hated than a nazi
Scorchin Niggaz is my posse, try to stop me

Brotha Lynch keeps me tremendous
Tall Can keeps me tremendous
X-Raided keeps me tremendous
And these be my brothers an they keep me in this
Big Nation keeps me tremendous
Capone, and Silouette, keeps me tremendous
Annihilation keeps me tremendous
Now these is scorchin niggaz an they keep me in this

I got some shit to blow my mind,
That I juss can't shake,
Just give me a microphone, a Phonk Beta beat
Watch me eat these niggaz up like Jason
Chasin you through camp pistol lake
Like a wolf on crank hit the dank,
The tank up, put on the make-up
An come back to life like Brandon Lee,
Hit the corner, wit a four-four loner,
On a one way trip off that water,

Run fo yo life, the mic rock hard
I'm fuckin wit no grease no love fo the police
Watch for the boner, bend over, swig the Olde E
The microphone fling, the leather chrome green
Left the scene clean, like death on halloween
Like a hollow tip, smoke somethin mean
Built the mic, an the drink one for you an one for me
And call me Superflex, 'cause like that mic I'm breakin necks
Run train tracks, like stand by me, lookin for any dead body,
I'm grip like a pitbull, leave yo brain gone like Muhammad Ali,
Mista Nightridah's creepin up by the minute, sky's the limit
Super-duper storm trooper, gotta watch my back like Martin Luther
See me comin wit my bright lights out
Tremendous, that's what Sicx is all about

Black flags keeps me tremendous
Dickey saggin keeps me tremendous
Beleini Way keeps me tremendous
Do or die double E, nigga deep up in this
Old English keeps me way twisted
Tequila lime keeps me way twisted
Gets me in the mood to handle unfinished biz-ness
Intoxication keeps a nigga in this

I mix my gin wit my Olee E, tremendous
Hit 'em all up, get 'em all up, out they suspenders
With my big bad automag, toe tag
For that meet 'em bottomless I betta be glad
I got 'em this, straight, heated glass
Drag a ninja wit my pants saggin, gaggin
I'm sick music made, sicker than a pit in shit
I'm wit Sicx, Tall Can and Fig
Dicks big, got you fiendin fo the sickness, Swartzenagger

Free weed gets me tremendous
Juicy clits get me tremendous
Loose lips gets me tremendous
Swartzenagger an you know I'm in this
My nigga six he got me in this
Tall Cen, I told ya I'm in this
My nigga Fig, I'm glad you in this
I put that on my mama I'm a make my grip

Swartzen-nigga, all the way to represent
Ya know, it's the way we gonna do it
Nine-seven, an forever, fiends is talkin
Can't even knock our hustle 'cause we're tremendous
An ya best believe that
Swartzen-nigga, that's right give it to ya here
Mr. Caine an I'm out
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Tremendous Lyrics

Brotha Lynch Hung – Tremendous Lyrics