Why do we ever end
Why can't death ever be a friend
I'll be there when the lights go out
I'll be there when
There's understanding
Disbelief and horror
That this is all there is

Life should be an endless road
Full of hope and no horizons anywhere
I could live that way
We could march to a different sound
And have a chance to share
The sould we found
I could live that way

But who wants to live
Forever and ever
I think I would my friend
I'd like to be here until the very end
Christ never really died
So why should I
Who wants to live forever

Time chases after me
Time pulls me down
A corpse I'll never be
Won't be in line at the pearly gates
Won't share my sould with Joe and Mary
Peter, Paul, and Matthew
Will all just have to wait

No tears for those left behind
Because we'd never have to leave
Each other's side
I could live that way
Maybe then we all would know
That Sunday's thoughts and
Prayers were just for show
I could live that way

Wake me when it's over
And all the pain is gone
Welcome to my, my new kingdome come
Wake me when it's over
I'll be waiting here
Life just can't be, can't be lived in fear
You can't live in fear
You can't live in fear
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Who Lives Forever Lyrics

Bronx Casket Co. – Who Lives Forever Lyrics