Through a market, I wandered and prayed
That I'd find me a woman I might marry some day.
Well, I never dreamed when I prayed that prayer
That the woman I longed for was standing there.

When she held me in her arms that night,
I held her close, and I held her tight.
And I swore that day forth, I'd love her all of me
When she held me in her arms that night.

She smelled of the sweetest lilac skin.
And I admit it now it drew me in
Oh, her voice cast a spell I could not disobey.
Every word was a river that swept me away.

Oh, the market became a more beautiful place:
The flowers more fragrant, and the clothing all lace.
And her eyes, oh, her eyes! They begged me to stay
And twenty years later, I've not regretted a day.

Background: I wrote this song while my fiancee was
Living in El Paso. I was driving down 24th street in
Austin, Texas, when I heard the song. I pulled into a
Park, and started writing. This romantic song was the
Result and it has won of the hearts of numerous young
Ladies, including Nancy, my future wife. It is a song
About finding true love and never turning back.
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When She Held Me In Her Arms Lyrics

Brobdingnagian Bards – When She Held Me In Her Arms Lyrics